Customized Estate Services for Connecticut Families: Safeguard Your Assets with an Estate Plan

When you are faced with the prospect of Estate Services, whether in the form of Trust Administration, Probate, Elder Law or any other issue, finding an Estate Planning attorney that you can trust is essential at this critical moment in your life. At Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates, we are dedicated to providing customized solutions according to our clients’ unique financial status and family dynamics. Our Connecticut Estate Planning firm serves all regions in the state, so residents always know where to turn for a reliable and professional Connecticut estate planning attorney. Come find us in Hartford!

Trusts and Trust Administration

Trusts should be considered as a fundamental part of an estate plan for families of a wide range of financial backgrounds and sizes. Talk to our knowledgeable Trust attorneys if any of the following applies to you: you have young children at home, have been widowed or divorced, have concerns about disabilities, you are facing financial trouble within your business, or you would like to prepare for the future of your loved ones by ensuring your assets are properly distributed.

Trust Administration and Probate Services

When a loved one dies, our attorneys are here to help families sort through financial matters by organizing the process of probate and trust administration to ensure that the deceased family member’s requests are honored. Additionally, our Connecticut Estate Planning lawyers will take care of all of the extensive, complex paperwork surrounding probate and trust administration. We will defend the correct interpretation of your estate plan, and properly address any prosecutions that may suggest otherwise.

Elder Law

Whether you are looking for advice regarding general Estate Planning, Medicaid Services, Disability, Guardianship, Power of Attorney, or other issues pertaining to disability, a lawyer at our firm has the knowledge, experience and passion required to set up a proper estate plan to address those concerns. It’s never too early to plan for the future, so talk to our attorneys.

Last Will and Testament

A Last Will and Testament should be included in all estate plans.  Our attorneys will prepare an appropriate will.  Our attorneys can also assist in interpreting the Will of a loved one and offer valuable advice about the legal issues surrounding each facet of the document.

GBLT Estate Planning

Our firm strongly believes in defending the rights of all people, regardless of race, gender, creed, or sexuality. Members of the GBLT community often have the most difficulty organizing their estate plan because of complex legal issues that derive from the laws regarding GBLT relationships. Our attorneys are dedicated to working with members of this community to establish appropriate estate plans and Health Care Directives and to ensure that probate and trust administration issues are properly resolved.

Powers of Attorney

When you must act on the behalf of a loved one, our attorneys can assist in making important decisions regarding Health Care Directives, Medicaid Planning, Will interpretations, and so on. In addition to assisting with decisions and legal processes required once appropriate agents pursuant to Powers of Attorney have been designated, our attorneys can prepare powers to protect the interests of a loved one during the Estate Planning process.

Special Needs Estate Planning

Because of the special attention required in caring for special needs children and adults, developing a clear Estate Plan for a special needs loved one will ensure that he is always given the special care he needs. Our attorneys have extensive experience working with Special Needs plans for the disabled and can offer customized advice for Estate Planning for the financial, medical, educational and emotional future of your special needs loved one.

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